P.V.S. Austria GmbH

We are one of the world leaders in print finishing, like saddle stitching, glueing, inserting and much more! We finish all kind products ie. advertising leaflets, magazines, newspapers, brochures…

Our large and modern production-machine park includes 12 inserting machines and 2 glueing machines from Müller Martini. Our inserters reliably load a finished print product with up to eight (8) inserts at any chosen place. Also stackers, stitching systems, binder and book lines are in use.

  • Even we can run millions and millions of pieces, with no problem at all
  • We can process up to 3,000,000 pieces a day
  • The main product can be bundled by us after the insert process, ready to ship and packed on pallets
  • Our post office can take over the dispatched products directly for a fast handling
  • We are happy to provide you with a perfect fitting solution